Our Year in Review: Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

It's been an exciting year in the artificial intelligence space, with 2019 being the year where we enter the golden age of NLP (natural language processing). Research in NLP algorithms funded by global tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Baidu and continuous usage of these models in open-source platforms and solutions have drastically fueled improvements in this space. 

In case you are still thinking of how these improvements translate into tangible solutions and benefits for your enterprise, you can check out our top 5 blog posts of 2019 here: 

1. From Inception to Implementation – The Process of Building an AI Chatbot

This article describes in detail the entire process of building a chatbot, from building your business use case to implementation and the maintenance effort that ensues after that. If you are curious about what goes on behind-the-scenes of building a chatbot or virtual assistant, you will get to learn about the effort and human resources required at each stage.

You'll find this useful if: you are deep into proving your AI virtual assistant ROI and use case to your management and need clarity on the journey you (and your organisation) is about to embark on. 

2. 11 Effective Ways to Promote Your Chatbot

You've spent the past six months developing and preparing your chatbot. Now that it's ready for the world, you need to be able to market it effectively to drive users to it. This article explores the 11 most useful ways to market your chatbot. Whether it's through social media channels, PR efforts, or promoting it on relevant bot stores and marketplaces, we have it all covered!

You'll find this useful if: you are nearing the end of your implementation journey and are looking for go-to-market marketing tactics.

3. Is Your Company Ready for Deployment of Virtual Assistants?

This post gives you an actionable checklist of items to ascertain if your organisation or enterprise is ready for the deployment of an AI chatbot or virtual assistant. It also examines the difference between SaaS-type chatbot and enterprise solutions so you can decide which category better suits what your company requires.

You'll find this useful if: you have concluded there is a business problem to be solved with a virtual assistant within your enterprise, but are not sure if your organisation is ready for it.

4. Website vs Application vs Chatbot

A couple of years ago, building a mobile application was all the rage. In 2019, chatbots and virtual assistants, both in text and voice formats, was the trend. What exactly are the differences between each channel? This piece explains which is the most suitable for achieving different business goals.

You'll find this useful if: you are having a hard time deciding between the different types of solutions to deploy. 

5. Technologies for the Online Retail Sector

According to Facebook IQ, conversational commerce, or c-commerce, is the future of all buying and selling. In this article, we share the latest technologies and strategies retailers use to stay in the game. We look at each stage of the consumer good purchase cycle and breakdown what technology is the most appropriate for driving sales conversions. 

You'll find this useful if: you are researching ways to increase conversion throughout your customer journey.

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