Website vs Application vs Chatbot

Posted by Zoe Ang on 3 June 2019

Where are the consumers? Where should you invest your next marketing dollar? This article explores some dilemma in digital marketing for marketers from the past, present and future. Is it more effective to build a website, a web-app, a native app or add chatbots to platforms of every kind?

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Should you choose Facebook Messenger as your chatbot platform?

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 6 December 2016

Evaluating the pros & cons of the Facebook Messenger bot platform as part of your business’ chatbot strategy

One of the most popular chatbot platforms that we work with is the Facebook Messenger bot platform. As with other bot platforms, there are some great points about Messenger bots that you can take advantage of, and some that you may not like as much.

To help you decide on whether you would like to use choose Messenger as your chatbot platform to serve your customers, we’ve put together some points on its strengths and weaknesses.

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