Take a course, be a Messenger bot ninja

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 15 December 2016

We’ve launched a course to help answer all your questions about Messenger bots and how to strategize and build them

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Helping your customers find your chatbot and talk to it

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 14 December 2016

It’s not enough to build it, and wait for people to come and talk to it. Here are some ways you can help your customers get to your chatbot today

The whole point of a chatbot is to make it useful enough for your customers to be able to automate some part of their experiences with you, such as asking questions or buying items. Hence, making the existence of your chatbot known to your users is actually really important. 

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Why you may need an external chatbot provider even with an engineering team

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 8 December 2016

If you have an internal engineering team, why do you need an external chatbot provider? Here are some things to help you make a decision

Many of the businesses that we work with on chatbots already had internal hackathon versions of a chatbot. While it’s easy to get a basic chatbot up, it can require lots of expertise to be able to scale and improve the chatbot to the level where it can be seriously useful, rather than gimmicky.

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7 great ways to add a chatbot to your business

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 7 December 2016

Pick the right use case and reap the benefits of having an automated chatbot in your business

Choosing the right way to use a chatbot in your business may be one of the most important parts of the entire building process. The objective that you give to your chatbot will determine what features will be built, and how you will continue to develop the chatbot in the future.

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Why your business needs a chatbot strategy

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 5 December 2016

In the changing world of chatbots for business, you need to strategize for the greatest advantage in the market

When you launch a new product, you probably spend lots of time before that deliberating on market size, target audience, projected sales, and distribution channels, among other factors. When you launch a chatbot, you need to spend lots of time ruminating on the relevant success factors too.

There are five main reasons why you’ll need a robust chatbot strategy in today’s world.

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