How an Effective Channel Migration Strategy Can Boost Chatbot Uptake

Posted by Admin on 5 December 2019

While the digital revolution has brought considerable change to the way we do business, few innovations have had as much impact as that of artificial intelligence. AI has made itself especially valuable in the marketing sector, where it enables companies to create customer journeys tailored to individual requirements, conduct detailed analysis, recommend purchases and provide valuable support and post-sales follow-up.

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From Inception to Implementation – The Process of Building an AI Chatbot

Posted by Lee Hwee Teo on 19 November 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) remains a relatively new foray for most organisations. When implementing AI projects, organisations often find themselves stuck throughout the journey because they did not have a clear understanding of the process. In this article, we study the stages of chatbot implementation, what each step entails and is required of the business. 

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Chatbot 101 Glossary

Posted by Zoe Ang on 30 October 2019

Jargons are present in every industry to help industry players to communicate with one other efficiently. However, they tend to confuse the outsiders and lead to poor communication. Here is a list of jargons used in the “Chatbot World” and we hope this will help you navigate in the land of chatbot/technology like a pro. 

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Understanding Conversational User Interfaces

Posted by Zoe Ang on 21 October 2019

Even though we often use chatbots as consumers, not many understand what goes behind the scene. How does ‘it’ work? What can ‘it’ do? Who designs ‘it’? Why does a business choose to use ‘it’? This article examines these frequently asked questions that shroud conversational user interfaces (CUI) like chatbots and virtual assistants, and how to best approach starting one for your business.

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Customer Service today needs omnichannel support. How can contact centres keep up and improve their ROI?

Posted by Zoe Ang on 10 October 2019

As more digital channels are established, contact centres also have more channels to manage. Today, most teams do not only comprise “call-centres” but also manage queries and requests through other channels such as emails, applications, websites, and social media platforms. How can businesses improve their returns on investments in the customer service divisions today? 

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