5 things I learnt after 1 year in an AI automation startup - KeyReply

Posted by Jeremy Ong on 14 February 2019

In the past year, I watched the startup i joined grow tremendously from a 3 person team to now a team of 20 members. Throughout this journey there were many challenges that we had to overcome. Engineering resource was always lacking, our customers were always requesting for more, and there was nobody really experienced to guide us. The average age of the company (even now) is less than 30, so we just had to learn to figure things out along the way.

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Helping your customers find your chatbot and talk to it

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 14 December 2016

It’s not enough to build it, and wait for people to come and talk to it. Here are some ways you can help your customers get to your chatbot today

The whole point of a chatbot is to make it useful enough for your customers to be able to automate some part of their experiences with you, such as asking questions or buying items. Hence, making the existence of your chatbot known to your users is actually really important. 

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Why your business needs a chatbot strategy

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 5 December 2016

In the changing world of chatbots for business, you need to strategize for the greatest advantage in the market

When you launch a new product, you probably spend lots of time before that deliberating on market size, target audience, projected sales, and distribution channels, among other factors. When you launch a chatbot, you need to spend lots of time ruminating on the relevant success factors too.

There are five main reasons why you’ll need a robust chatbot strategy in today’s world.

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How Should Bots Speak to Humans?

Posted by Spencer Yang on 10 November 2016

BotSpeak database — 1 human, 200+ bots, 892 bot dialogs

TL;DR —Designing great bot dialog is tough but crucial to increase engagement. We talked to over 200 Facebook Messenger bots to extract conversation dialogs for your reference: BotSpeak. Evaluating the output from bots, we adopted a pure data approach for lexical improvements and anecdotal advice on better presentation of the bot conversations.

How do you feel about conversations with bots so far? Are they engaging, disappointing or interesting?

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