The Market Adoption of Chatbot Solutions

Posted by Zoe Ang on 13 September 2019

In 1994, ELIZA was the first “Chatterbox” to be developed by Joseph Weizenbaum at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Since then the Chatbot Industry has been evolving and improving alongside the technology development. Today, one in five businesses are using intelligent assistant or chatbotsWhy did these companies adopt the Chatbot solutions?  

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Technology Powering the Logistic sector

Posted by Zoe Ang on 18 July 2019

Logistics and supply chain is an industry with high level of repetitive and laborious tasks, making it ideal candidate for automation.

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Is Your Company Ready for Deployment of Virtual Assistants? (Chatbots)?

Posted by Lee Hwee Teo on 15 May 2019


Enterprise chatbots are commonly known as virtual assistants, which are essentially automated virtual employees. They make use of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), which has advanced tremendously in last two years. This article details the most common use cases and roadblocks in deploying enterprise chatbots.

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Why your business needs a chatbot strategy

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 5 December 2016

In the changing world of chatbots for business, you need to strategize for the greatest advantage in the market

When you launch a new product, you probably spend lots of time before that deliberating on market size, target audience, projected sales, and distribution channels, among other factors. When you launch a chatbot, you need to spend lots of time ruminating on the relevant success factors too.

There are five main reasons why you’ll need a robust chatbot strategy in today’s world.

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What to think about before building your enterprise chatbot

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 2 December 2016

5 greatest considerations behind implementing and putting your enterprise chatbot to work

While you’re considering whether to build a chatbot for your enterprise, you have most probably come across all kinds of pitches about how you can perform magic with your chatbot — make so much more money, save so much time, or improve morale by so much. However, there are many nuances that underpin a successful enterprise-ready chatbot.

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