Too much bots to keep tabs on?

Posted by Zoe Ang on 14 June 2019

If you are just browsing the net hoping to find ways to integrate Big Data, AI, ML, and other technology into your business, you might be overwhelmed by the many types of Bots and functionalities. There are web crawler/spider bots, web scraping bots, chatbots, bots for almost anything under the Internet. It (almost) does not make sense anymore. In this article, we try to help you keep your sanity by piecing the many naming conventions of bots together. 

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The Chatbot Landscape, 2017 Edition

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 26 June 2017

To help decision makers and users wade around the vast landscape of bots, this landscape gives a high-level overview of providers and tools.

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How to make sure your new chatbot gets a head start with machine learning

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 7 March 2017

Avoid a “clueless chatbot” situation by equipping your chatbot with past data from your business before it goes live

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The one thing your bot will fail without

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 3 March 2017

If you don’t have this, it won’t work…

Having built several bots ourselves, there is one thing that we’ve noticed that is markedly missing that prevents bots from being particularly useful: Bot-ready data.

We’re not talking about little hacky experiments where we run fun bots stringing some open APIs together in a GUI. We’re talking enterprise level bots, expected to solve some customer problems and drive business results.

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Developing the future of government–citizen interaction in Singapore

Posted by Carylyne Chan on 3 February 2017

Fulfilling our purpose of making government information accessible to everyone

In November 2016, we were fortunate enough to be chosen as the partner for the first-ever Messenger bot. As fellow Singaporeans, we personally believed it could be a great way to bring information to peers and foreign friends alike, making it easy and accessible for them to stay connected and be heard.

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