Introducing KeyReply for Mac

As we launched KeyReply for mobile, there have been many users who asked us if we can help them better with desktop workflows. You can now download and use [KeyReply for Mac] (

We prepared an instructions guide below for you to understand more about how to install and use KeyReply for Mac.

##English Instructions

  1. Click to open the .dmg file
  2. Drag the KeyReply image to the Applications folder
  3. Open the Applications folder
  4. Click on KeyReply
  5. A system prompt will pop up; Otherwise, go to Systems Preferences —> Security & Privacy —> Privacy
  6. Click on the lock on the bottom left to make changes
  7. Enter your password (if applicable)
  8. Check the box next to KeyReply to activate it
  9. Click on the lock to save it
  10. Let’s test it! Open KeyReply app on your menu bar
  11. Select the reply you want to use
  12. Click on a selected text field anywhere on your Mac
  13. Done!

KeyReply for Mac Install Walkthrough

##Mandarin Instructions 华语说明

利用KeyReply初版Mac 应用的解说:

  1. 打开文件

  2. 把应用拉到App 文件夹里

  3. 打开App文件夹

  4. 点击KeyReply

  5. 有个系统通知会显示,如没有 - 请到系统偏好设置 > 安全性与隐私 > 隐私 > 辅助功能

  6. 点按所按钮已进行更改

  7. 输入密码,并解锁

  8. 点击允许KeyReply应用

  9. 点击所按钮已存入更改

  10. 点击右上角菜单上的的K符号开始KeyReply

  11. 选择你所要用的回复

  12. 点击到文本或电邮编辑中,选择的回复会既然出现!如没有的话可以选用粘贴到文本中。

  13. 成功!

Thank you and we look forward to your feedback.