Helping your customers find your chatbot and talk to it

It’s not enough to build it, and wait for people to come and talk to it. Here are some ways you can help your customers get to your chatbot today

The whole point of a chatbot is to make it useful enough for your customers to be able to automate some part of their experiences with you, such as asking questions or buying items. Hence, making the existence of your chatbot known to your users is actually really important. 

Use your existing channels

  • Website: Putting your chatbot on your website makes a lot of sense, because you can treat it as your live chat replacement. (Of course if your chatbot was built for the web, it would already be there.) Especially if you use Messenger bots or other platforms, you need a good way to direct users to your chatbot in order to perform the functions that you expect the chatbot to do. A great chat widget can also help you to send users to the chatbot elegantly.
  • Emails: Whenever you send direct emails to your customers, you can also engage them by telling them to try your new chatbot experience. This way, you tell existing customers that there is a new way to contact you, and can sell some of the positive benefits of using it at the same time.
  • Social: Especially if you build chatbots for Messenger, you can use your current social media presence to inform your fans about your new chatbot and encourage them to try it. You could also change your call to action to “Message Us” and make that the main form of interaction on your social media page.
  • Blog: Talk about the thought process and the actual development process of the chatbot on your blog, detailing why you think this will be useful and how your customers can benefit from it. This can be really great for your highly-engaged users to understand and champion your chatbot efforts, helping you get off on a great start.

More ideas outside your current channels

  • Get updates on Messenger: If your business with customers requires regular updates on the status of items or services, you can use the handy checkbox plugin to allow users to opt in to receiving updates from you whenever the system status changes.
  • Ads: You can also consider using advertising that has a “Message Us” call to action instead of a run-of-the-mill “Click here” or “Find out more”. If your chatbot experience is really fun, you should use these forms of advertising more to drive higher engagement and recall rate.
  • Press: Get some media to cover you and how your business is innovating with a chatbot that does something really unique for your customers. Not only can this build your brand, you might also get some curious new customers trying your chatbot out as a low-friction way to get to know you and your business.

Follow up

After your customers have tried it, don’t forget to ask them for their feedback. If your current customers, whom you’ve reached through your traditional channels, use them, make sure to ask if they found it to be as useful as you had anticipated.

Chatbots are not just about building it — there is a funnel, just as your other marketing efforts do. From finding users, to engaging them at the source, and following through on the actions you want them to take, every point requires thorough deliberation for it to work beautifully together.