30 top conferences to attend in digital marketing, social, AI and mobile in 2017

Posted by Spencer Yang on 18 December 2016

As we wrap up another great year in 2016, the KeyReply team took a break from working on AI chat bots to look around the Internet for the very best digital conferences that 2017 has to offer. Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company, or are looking for tools to better market to your startup’s users, there’s something for everyone.

30 conferences, 14 cities: 14 in Q1, 8 in Q2, 6 in Q3, and 2 in Q4. To help you get things in order, we made this custom Calendar just for you. Simply add it to your own Google calendar, and voilà — see how all the conferences fit in your schedule next year!

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How Should Bots Speak to Humans?

Posted by Spencer Yang on 10 November 2016

BotSpeak database — 1 human, 200+ bots, 892 bot dialogs

TL;DR —Designing great bot dialog is tough but crucial to increase engagement. We talked to over 200 Facebook Messenger bots to extract conversation dialogs for your reference: BotSpeak. Evaluating the output from bots, we adopted a pure data approach for lexical improvements and anecdotal advice on better presentation of the bot conversations.

How do you feel about conversations with bots so far? Are they engaging, disappointing or interesting?

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