How to Go from FAQ Chatbots to Automating Transactions

Posted by Peiru Teo on 3 November 2020

Quite often organizations start with FAQ chatbots in trial projects, but don’t go forward to tackle more complex transactions and tasks. Here’s how you can take your chatbot to the next level and realize its full potential to transform your business

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The Conversation Design Process: How to Design Chatbot Dialogue

Posted by Admin on 12 September 2020

Learn about the conversation design process, including understanding requirements, tech considerations, identifying user personas, intent recognition and more.

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How to Make Conversational AI Work for Low-Resource Languages

Posted by Admin on 21 August 2020

How difficult is it to create a chatbot that can communicate in low-resource languages like Vietnamese or Swahili?

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How Conversation Design Can Make or Break Chatbots

Posted by Admin on 14 August 2020

Conversation design plays a critical role in making chatbots work for humans. Here is what you should know about the practice and the key writing techniques to keep in mind when designing conversational AI systems. 

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6 Conversational AI Use Cases in Insurance

Posted by Admin on 26 July 2020

How can conversational AI be used by insurance providers to better serve their agents, customers, and policy holders?

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