How AI Virtual Assistants Can Make a Difference to Your Workplace

Posted by Admin on 28 January 2020

Over the past few years, digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) have brought considerable change to the workplace. AI-powered software programmes that can understand and interact in conversational language, also known as virtual assistants - are becoming increasingly common, and for good reason.

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Making Chatbots Part of Your Organisational Customer Experience Strategy

Posted by Admin on 21 January 2020

In this day and age, it’s no longer surprising to see a chatbot pop up as soon as you alight on a homepage. And while conversing with a bot could feel slightly surreal only a few years ago, modern-day iterations manage to combine efficiency and entertainment value in a way that is making them increasingly valuable to customers and companies alike.

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How Gamification Can Help Create Immersive and Engaging Chatbot Experiences

Posted by Admin on 14 January 2020

The benefits of chatbots are increasingly well-recognised in marketing and beyond, with advantages that include saving both time and resources by optimising operational processes and automating key tasks, alongside creating positive customer experiences.

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Creating Scalable and Profitable Company-Wide Chatbots

Posted by Admin on 7 January 2020

Young, tech-savvy, exacting, and above all overwhelmed with marketing content, today’s buyers are in search of customer experiences that are effective, entertaining and personalised to their specific needs. That can seem like a pretty tall order. Fortunately, help is at hand in an unexpected form: chatbots. While employing bots to engage with humans can seem paradoxical at first, chatbots are key to creating meaningful customer journeys that will help your company stand out from the competition.

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Our Year in Review: Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

Posted by Lee Hwee Teo on 23 December 2019

It's been an exciting year in the artificial intelligence space, with 2019 being the year where we enter the golden age of NLP (natural language processing). Research in NLP algorithms funded by global tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Baidu and continuous usage of these models in open-source platforms and solutions have drastically fueled improvements in this space. 

In case you are still thinking of how these improvements translate into tangible solutions and benefits for your enterprise, you can check out our top 5 blog posts of 2019 here: 

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